Sunday, March 21, 2010


Spring is here. Truly and for real.

Every year, our subdivision ("village" as they like to call it) has a kite flying festival. I left the car home and walked there to meet my family, which--right now--includes my own parent in laws and sister in law. The blossoms on the bradford pear trees on our street are in full bloom, as of yesterday. It is a blissful avenue of white. In the little ponds and lakes, the turtles are sunning themselves.

That is the sign. It is spring. No matter what, winter can't catch us now.


  1. Becca, you better be knocking on wood. Because if it snows again, you're shoveling my sidewalks.

  2. Here in Texas we thought Spring came last week. On Friday Allison was boating with friends--literally in the water on a tube behind the boat. Then the next day it snowed. What? Today it's in the 70s again. I hope you don't get snow...because it would be a bummer to have to shovel Heather's sidewalks. :)

  3. I definitely left the wrong email address. *duh* it is Thanks!