Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Play in the dirt.

(Don't laugh at my poor, crooked, broken toes. It's not nice.)

I have spent the past two days outside. Barefoot. With my pants rolled up.
It has reminded me that doing that is so good for my soul.
I'm pretty sure that it's working wonders for my kids' childhoods as well.

Today, we all mixed compost (which I explained was cow poop and dirt) together with regular dirt and then planted a beautiful new blueberry bush. We added "apple mint" to our array of herbs that make up the border of my garden. The spearmint and oregano are sending up their green sprouts. I consulted with the kids on where we might want to put some lavender (English is better for attracting bees than French), and if we want to put strawberries near the front.
My oldest made her own lasso and played cowgirl. My son used his blocks to make his own "garden" on the porch. The munchkin crawled and rolled around in the dirt.
I could've lived in today forever.
Today, I was the kind of mother I always wanted to be.


  1. First....your toes look fine. Don't apologize for them. And my, don't they look lovely with red polish.

    Second...love this post. It is a rare and wonderful thing to have a day like that. Relish it. I'm hoping to have one soon.

    Third...I think you're great. Can't wait to see you this summer.

    The End.

  2. That last line really summed it up perfectly. xo C.