Monday, March 15, 2010

Maybe not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer.

This morning, I was trying to clean out my vaccum with a knife and managed to stab myself in the hand.

And then I fainted.

(I am a fainter. I'd forgotten that. But at least I didn't pee my pants this time, which I've done before when I fainted. When I was 21. That wasn't embarrasing at all. *snort*)

But the funniest part is that when I related this to my mom/husband/nurse/friend/sister they were less concerned about the fact that I have a puncture wound in my hand than the fact that I was cleaning my vaccum with a knife. "WHY were you using a knife???"

Well, what else are you supposed to use to remove nearly SEVEN YEARS of collected threads from you vaccum? Really--I'd like to know.

But at least I got a tetanus shot. That's a bonus. Bring on your sharp objects: I'm covered.


  1. Holy cow Becca! Are you okay? And if it makes you feel any better, I cut myself on a butter knife... a plastic butter knife. Oh, and in a fireside one time I convinced my friend Jeremy to let me see his very very sharp knife. That did not end well.

  2. No no no. I wasn't surprised you were using a knife. That does make sense - maybe more to me than others since I have seen the state of the vacuum. My concern was more " were talking on the phone at the same time?"

  3. I have always wanted to faint. I know it sounds silly, but I always thought is would be cool. I think it proves you are a true romantic.

    Lesli not Adam

  4. Hahaha ... more of the truth comes out ... Thanks Dave! Who were you talking to B?? Anyone I know? ;)

  5. I use scissors. Sorry about the fainting. I did that in WalMart once...when I was pregnant. I don't recommend it. your vacuum clean now? I mean, was it worth it? :)