Sunday, October 30, 2011

the Candy Witch!

A couple years ago, my friend Becky mentioned something about the Candy Witch visiting her house on Halloween night.

The Candy Witch?

I had no idea who she was. But I do now. And I am so glad.

Believe me--you want to meet her, too.

The general idea is this: your kids go trick or treating. They get buckets of candy. Approximately 314 more pieces of candy than they should ever eat. Enter the Candy Witch.

Let your kids choose some candy to keep. You can decide how much. We like 10 or 15 pieces. Then they have to put the rest in a big bowl and leave it on the front porch on Halloween night.

When they wake up in the morning, the candy has been whisked away, and in it's place??
A small gift for each child who decided to participate. (Last year they got new winter hats and gloves, along with a dollar store present.)

I have to tell you--I was a bit skeptical that my kids would give up their CANDY for ANYONE. But they loved it. Loved. And they're already so excited to see what the Candy Witch is going to bring this year.

And as far as what to do with the candy that the Witch whisks away?
Sort through it and keep the good stuff for stocking stuffers. ;)