Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Operation Sandwich

Christmas is such a great time for serving. When I was younger, I loved to do any number of services, any time of year, but one of my favorites was to go caroling at rest homes. I have to admit that taking my children to a rest home is daunting now. Not even so much because of the kids, but because when I hold hands with the very old, I look down and sometimes--for a fleeting second--I can't tell which hands are mine. And that is sobering.
Although it's true that our kids would definitely find some way to wreak havoc at a place of comfort and quiet.
So, we are trying to work in appropriate service behavior, trying to prep our kids for trips to the rest home to sing. What service is. How we do it. And why we love it.
Those things are SO much easier to teach if you get friends involved, and today we did that.
Today, we made sandwiches for a place that needs 800. Sure, after two seconds, and the realization that the sandwiches weren't actually to be personally consumed, Thing 2 announced "Actually, I no want make sandwiches." But service was being done, you know, in his proximity.
And when all is said and done, I'm continually amazed and humbled by the simple fact that if there is a need, and you ask people to help... they will.
To the tune of 150 sandwiches.
And that is amazing.


  1. Wait!!!! what did you do with all those PB&J's? That is pretty dang awesome!!

  2. wowzers.... awesome work!