Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Days Before Christmas...

My kids are watching "Santa Buddies." (gag)

I am so tired, I feel like I could drop. Because I have finally reached 'Too excited to sleep stage." (Pause to shoo the cat off the presents. She REALLY likes to open presents.)

Where was I?

Oh. Yes. Too excited to sleep. It cracks me up that I still, at the blessed age of 30, wake up and just grin like an idiot in the dark. I start going over lists... getting the house clean... stocking stuffers... what time is the candlelit Christmas service?....

And of course, going over our Christmas Day Dinner menu. Which is called "Everyone gets their favorite foods." So this year we are having:
  • Pigs in a Blanket (hors doeuvres)
  • Aunt Irene's stew with homemade bread (soup course)
  • Cheese Bundles (quesadillas. main course.)
  • Rose Alfredo (main dish)
  • artichoke with curry dip (side dish)
  • popcorn (pallet cleanser)
  • banana pudding (dessert)

Eclectic, no? But so much fun. And much easier to put together than a huge feast, actually. (Pause. "CAT! GET OFF! THE PRESENTS!")

*uh-hem* Better.

Tonight, when the Spouse comes home from work, the kids and I will all station ourselves at the light switches in the front of the house. We will switch them on and off, on and off. And that, my friends, is the beginning of Christmas.

There will be no sleep for me tonight.


  1. Awwww, how did the lights tradition start?

  2. LOLOL!! I am going to have a hard time sleeping tonight too! Honestly, I'm not sure I will. In our 30's and still get excited about Christmas... but now, it's a matter of making everything perfect for the innocent loves of our lives! Making their spectacular Christmas Memories!

  3. what a fantastic christmas dinner! we are going with a traditional ham. boring!

  4. Your excitement is getting me excited. Tonight at our house we are leaving out food for the reindeer and milk and cookies for SANTA!!! :)