Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Life in Pictures...

People ask me how I get my blogging done with three little kids running around.


Also, Thing 1 did a pastel chalk drawing of me and The Spouse today. The truth is terrifying to behold:

Betcha can't guess who is who. *smirk*


  1. That is so hilarious Bec! Mariah should dress like that while doing her homework and maybe she would get some studying done,while Evie and I are rolling on the floor in the other room.(Just picture it honestly, to funny!)

  2. Ha! The blogging queen revealed! Thanks for all the fun, and specially for our family blog- I am L-O-V-I-N-G it!

  3. Is what you were wearing the other day on the phone? ;)

    - carly

  4. Oh my... the pastel pictures... I can't stop laughing... my sides hurt...