Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pink Panther and Castanets: a seminar

School starts at 9:00 at our house.
But, really, when your home is your school--your kids wake up at school.
And to your great disappointment, they may NOT be as interested in your carefully planned out, well rounded curriculum, as they are in, say, playing the castanets and watching Pink Panther.

(Yes. I actually photoshopped that.
If only you knew how close this was to the reality of my life.)

I'm just saying, SOME kids might be like that.
And some moms *might* need a Frosty to get through the day. Maybe.

And while I was out getting a Frosty, it came to my attention today that we *may* need another little session in manners and, specifically, where it is appropriate to pee and where it is NOT appropriate to pee. I had this realization as Thing 2 was wailing about how badly he needed to pee, precisely three minutes after we got in the car and four minutes after I asked him if he needed to go before we left, and Thing 1 was listing off places he could go. None of which was an actual bathroom.

I swear I thought we covered this.
Maybe they couldn't hear over the castanets.

1 comment:

  1. Oh,seriously hilarious. The worst, most embarrassing thing was when my oldest son taught one of his friends -- the son of my best friend from college -- to pee outside instead of coming inside.

    And then finding out that they couldn't get him to stop doing that for months (years?)

    Oh dear ... my friend and her husband did *not* take it well. That was such a not-good parenting moment...