Saturday, August 13, 2011

Obligatory blog post.

I was in Utah last week for my younger brother's wedding.
It was lovely. Both the wedding, and the trip.

For the record, it also happened to involve more motorcycles than I am comfortable with.

My younger brother berated me for not blogging more. Apparently he's more bored at work than I'd like to think about. So, just for him.

Tonight, my son was sitting at the table, writing in his journal. Suddenly, he looked at me and said "Mama, Caleb is my fake name."
"Oh, yes? And what is your real name?"
"Satellite?? Where did you get that name? From planet earth, or a different planet?"
"Planet earth. From China."

That's it. I am now supposed to call him Satellite, which is fine, but how am I supposed to do that without singing it, a la the Dave Matthews song???


  1. I would just like to say that you were in Utah and I did not see you = sadness.

    Not guilt-inducing disappointment because traveling with family obligations is always hard, but still sad.

    Any level of motorcycles makes me uncomfortable. They have quite possibly been the most destructive force in my marriage (unsuccessfully destructive, I might add.)

  2. See, I KNEW you could do it ;)

  3. I'm very glad you're blogging too. Did I mention how much fun it was to talk to you???

  4. Varoooom, varOOOOM! I don't like'em either- but that Harley sure but a smile on the Grooms face. I'm glad it was temporary (the Harley, not the smile...)

  5. PS- Your son pronounces his name is Satellite, from China, he'll all of 4 years old, and you're worried about being able to do home school? I rest my case- Love you, Volcano, made in the tectonic subduction site west of Washington state. Let's see, what should we be tomorrow? Ha!