Friday, August 26, 2011

Turn and turn again...

Sometimes, nothing turns out like you plan.
Not my life, though. I'm a planner.

Many years ago, my friend Taylor looked me in the eye and said "What are you going to do the first time God tells you 'no'??"

I guess I just figured, maybe He never would.

But fall is coming. And despite an almost desperate striving, I find that nothing much has changed.
The house has not sold.
The job is the same.
I have no pregnancy news to scrawl on the back of our thanksgiving cards.

I am afraid to think how this trend might apply to homeschooling.

Sometimes, nothing turns out like you plan. Sometimes, God tells us No.

Worn from walking this far
So worn from talking this much
And what we found and what we've seen
As the road curves down
And the lights come up to meet us
Silent for the evening
We enter this town like new born creatures
Those I know, Oh see anew
And the space between us is reduced
For I am human
and you are human too.
(All Thieves, Turn and Turn Again.)
(And yes, Carly. Inspired by you.)


  1. Y'know ... even though none of my plans really came out the way I thought they should, my life is just so much better than I thought it would be. It's been hard, it's been scary, it's been emotional.

    But it's the life I was meant to lead.

    I have found comfort when I've been in the midst of the scary times in the scripture stories that speak of men and women who have been asked to wait on the Lord (e.g., Simeon, Sariah, Elizabeth, Lehi, etc.).

    Good luck with the challenges you face -- the Lord *is* mindful of you.

  2. Ha! My new blog roll seems to not like you. I didn't see ANY of your new posts until now. But I LOVE IT! Thanks for the shout out B.