Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Case of Emergency...

*breathe in. breathe out. breathe in. breathe out*
Everyone (and I mean everyone) assured me that I would have moments where I freaked out. About homeschooling. Yep. They told me they would happen. I guess I thought that they would be justified. You know--that I would freak out on the days where we didn't get anything done and stuff.

But I didn't see them coming on clear blue sky, learning a bunch, feeling little nudges of inspiration that should be encouraging kind of days.

So, in my best Bridget Jones fashion, I refuse to be intimidated by something as lame as a panic attack, and I choose instead a good round of cleaning to a 90's dance mix while focusing on pictures like these...

And I tell myself, over and over, "You are not ruining your children, you are not ruining your children, you are not ruining your children..." (to the same beat as "This is the rhythm of the night...")


  1. Emily looks SO grown up in that photo!

    Love following you in this journey :)

  2. I never needed a night out by myself until I started homeschooling. If I don't get that night to myself, I wig. Honestly... major drama at my house. I don't understand why a couple of hours of intensive work makes it so much harder to be a mother, but it does. So, my advice, give yourself an out. You know, occasionally. It'll work wonders.

  3. I l.o.v.e those pictures! And I wouldn't worry about the other- surely it's normal (at first especially) to ask yourself -"Wait! What I am doing???". Looks like to me you are doing well- love you.