Sunday, January 2, 2011


Every year, on the first Sunday of the year, we get to change what time we go to church.

So last year was a flurry of up and out and ready by 8:15 to make the 9:00 service. Hilarity and tears often ensued.

This year, church starts at 11:00. So instead of rushing, this morning found me
sitting on the living room floor,
reading books to my children,
cutting out pictures of Jesus to look at during church,
and playing with bouncy balls and laughing our heads off.

And a tiny voice whispered "This is how it could be. This is how homeschooling could be."
And my heart felt a little braver.

But not yet brave enough. Not yet.
But closer.


  1. I have just finished reading (and being delighted by) each post. Welcome back to writing... I am so glad the still small voice has won. Today in RS we had a lesson on the Latter-day Prophets that President Monson remembers. As he remembered so fondly (don't we all?) President Hinkley he said the was a "wordsmith"- gifted at saying things just right and wonderfully so. I sat there quietly and thought to myself that "I know one of those... it is my daughter Becca." I love your blog- thanks for writing.

  2. So you just want to homeschool so you can sleep in until 11:00?

    Your snarky brother