Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So. Wait. Where was I before my computer ate it??

Oh, yes.
Things to love.

Well, it just so happens that my own true love and I fell in love right smack dab in the middle of the dreariest,
time of year.

Which is an unusual blessing of sorts, really.
Because it doesn't matter that my Happy Lamp fell off the counter and got broken, along with my computer. It doesn't matter that we've used up so many school snow days that, from here on our, the kids are supposed to go to school on Saturdays. It doesn't even matter that I'm stuck on a weight loss plateau that would give the Tibetan Plateau a run for it's money. (Google: World's largest plateau.)


Because back in 2003, I was in possession of a periwinkle colored parka and a brand new love. December was longing for the phone to ring and hoping it'd be him.
January was holding hands and first kisses.
February was head over heels and him IN LOVE with me.

Best. winter. ever.

And every winter, it whispers to me across the years. I'll find myself suddenly smiling and loving the fog and the frost--for so many memories that I've nearly forgotten that come back to the surface in the dead of winter.

Who knew winter could be so warm?


  1. I love it! Maybe you could write a post about the flu bug we've had at our house for the past 10 days. I bet you could make even that sound appealing somehow. xo

  2. I love the last lines. It is cheering me on this dreary February night! I've MISSED your blog!!! xxoo

  3. I loved this. Perfect for V-day. xo