Friday, January 28, 2011

Down for the count.

There is a lovely woman in my congregation who comes every Sunday.
She is always dressed immaculately.
She stands at the back, rigid and unmoving. Her walk looks carefully calculated.
She has "back problems."
And I've looked at her sometimes and thought "Man, that has to be hard."

Then, this morning, I leaned over to help Thing 2 get on his jeans, and my back said "If I could get your attention for a minute, and please don't take this personally, I just wanted let you know that I'm going on strike. My lawyers will be in touch."

Agony and curses.

So, after one day, I can now tell you that you use your lower back for:
making your legs move,
sitting up,
and breathing.

Without it, doing those things can be next to impossible.

Who knew?

And so, as a penitent, I just wanted to say to that lady at my church every Sunday:
I can't believe you got dressed.
How did you get your shoes on?!
How do you even get out of bed???
You are a rockstar.


  1. Bless you, my friend. Backs should be made invincible. Get better soon!

  2. so sorry about the back--lafe--it really was his fault threw mie out a while ago and we are still at odds!

  3. I sooo feel your pain. Did I tell you I through my back out Thanksgiving night, with a houseful of guests? I bid them good-bye from the couch. :-(