Monday, January 31, 2011


We are frantically "staging" our house so that we can put it on the market.
Notice I didn't say "sell it" because, well, who are we kidding?

Part of staging means repainting every single room in our house.
And some furniture.

Saturday, me and my back were still at odds, but we were getting along well enough to help paint one room and spray paint a dresser. What was once an off white and gold reminder of a bygone era was now Pottery Barn white. *chorus of angels singing*

For all of one day.

Which is when Thing 1 christened it. With charcoal drawing pencils.
Oh well.


  1. Look at you night owl blogger! Well, your dresser lasted just about as long as my new mother's necklace. We are two very lucky ladies.

  2. Moving? Are you just getting a new house, or a new location?

    Best of luck to you! (Good luck with keeping it clean at all times! SO MUCH FUN! :>)


  3. She is so lucky she doesn't live at my house. You are far more patient than me!xo