Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey guys.

I'm sitting here at my computer, feeling discouraged.
And it's over the dumbest thing, really.

I'm putting together a wedding invitation suite for a bride in the midwest. It's a lovely invitation. The first set that I'm trying to print out, on my own, rather than sending it out to the printer I use. To try and save the bride money, that's why. But wedding invitations are a big deal. The paper needs to be heavy. The colors need to be rich. And you *must* have a dpi of 600 pixels. Not 300. 600. And I can't.get.the.darn.thing. to print the right size.

Isn't that shallow? To be feeling all weepy because you can't figure something out?
But I do.
And it stinks.

Because, before you know it, you find yourself wandering in Discourageland, which is not as fun as "Land"s and "World"s that I could name, including Gatorland or Reptileorama.

You start at the gate of "Aw, man, why can't I get this to print right?" and Fast Pass right on to the "I can't budget" rollercoaster of guilt, stopping for a quick snack at the "Ample is My Middle Name" food court. Before you can even get in line for the daily gameshow "Let's count all the ways you were a bad mom today!" you're already deep and mired in a place that looks like West Texas and smells like two day old sauerkraut.


So, in an attempt to saunter away from Discourageland, tra la, and not stray into the kitchen (boo hiss) I went over to NieNie and watched her video. If you haven't seen it yet, you should go over and check it out. It takes forever to load, but it's worth it.

And it'll get you out of Discourageland. At least for awhile

Thanks for listening. :)


  1. I must be shallow too. I always cry when I am frustrated.

    Don't kill your self trying to save your client money. And leave Discourageland right away, you're better than that!!

    I finally watched NieNie's video this morning. Very inspiring!

  2. Wow...how did you know this was how I was feeling today?!?! I totally get this. I was in the temple today and decided I needed to write down all the positive things I do so when I start doing the 'Discourageland' thing, I have something to remind me that I'm really not a complete lame-o...at least most days. I'm starting small - like, I feed my children...every day. I'm not saying what I fed them - if it was nutritious or not...rather they liked it or not...just that they were offered food.:} We'll see how it goes.
    I loved the NieNie video...seems to be going around fb. I glance at her blog occasionally also...good reality check.

  3. Don't get frustrated, and call me if you need two heads to figure out the printing (heaven knows I've wanted to give up on a project long before I figured out the solution.)

    And yes, NieNie makes us all look with better perspective, that's for sure.

  4. Go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning. But I know what you mean. And I loved the video, too.

  5. Carry on. Actually, I should give you the advice that Naomi gives me everytime I've been wandering in Discourageland. She says, "Hang in there!" That's it. Words of wisdom from two mothers who love you. Oh, and I think you're terrific. I know you're not perfect. I love you just the way you are.

  6. I would say forget saving the bride money and get it printed. Me and my computer seldom agree and I could be in discourage land continually do to my lack of skill but my salvation is John and he can't figure it out...forget it! Give up and join me. I wish you would put an invitation or two on the blog occasionally so we can see them. I loved the darling construction birthday card and I am sue the weddings are equally impressive. I love seeing your creativity in action and I am sure others would too.
    Love, Naomi