Saturday, May 1, 2010


When I was a little girl, if I got up really late at night, I would go out to the living room, and I would find my mother.

She is a night owl.

Almost without fail, she would be there, eating red pudding and watching something--the Star Trek films are what I remember most.

If I got up at just the right time, she would share a bowl of red pudding with me.
That was the best thing ever.

I understand why she was a night owl. The peace while children sleep. Cleaning up a house or a room and having it stay clean--even for just a little while.

If you came to my house and woke up late, you'd find watching movies. Probably Harry Potter. Maybe Sense and Sensibility. And eating red pudding.

I would share a bowl with you.

My daughter has discovered this habit of mine, that I got from my own mother. She loves to join me for "Girl's Nights."

No one can tell me that those moments of parenthood aren't the best, most magical things ever.


  1. BECCA - I have had some of these magic moments as well with my 2 older ones. They come creeping down the stairs and I can just see on their faces that they expect to be sent back up, but on some occasions I have let them linger and even have a little night time treat... They love it. And I love it. And it is GOOD time together.

    And yes - WHAT is red pudding please?