Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Unedited Life: February.

I blame my current blog fog on the fact that it's not yet halfway through February.
I detest February.
For the record, I don't know anyone who doesn't detest February. Unless they live in the Southern Hemisphere where February is warm.
I believe that's because I have to spend the *entire* month fighting my most basic February Survival Instincts.
Like hibernating.

(Don't even think about it, Romeo. True love does not wake True Love.)
Carbo-loading on comfort food.
(That.sandwich. Oh my. The utter perfection of that food.)
And watching various versions of Jane Austen adaptations.

(And for the record, it's edited. Also for the record, The Spouse and I agree that if my triple great-grandparents hadn't become Mormon and crossed the ocean and then the plains, I would probably be Bridget Jones.)
But no. Instead of doing what comes naturally (preferably from the comfort of my own bed under layers of down comforter, as nature intended) I actually have to get UP in the morning. And FUNCTION. Turn down the heater so that the gas bill doesn't equal the mortgage. Tip-toe out to the mailbox hoping for a new Netflix envelope. Carefully inspect my trees for any signs of spring. Watch my children slowly descend into cabin fever. Visit the Sandals website daily and gaze at azure water. Survive.February.
Which is why I have nothing blogworthy to say.


  1. Hilarious--as always. The other day it was so dark and stormy outside that I couldn't bear to put on anything other than sweats. It was an indication that I was not fully committed to being awake. I mean, really. A dark, rainy day calls for reading a book in bed, and if your schedule won't allow that (ever), there has to be some way to nod at the day. Don't you agree?

  2. You already knew I love you, but now I'm sure of it. I've seriously spent most of February hibernating by the fire reading Jane Austen Novels and then watching the movies. Seriously. We must have been roommates in the preexistence.

  3. I think that is why God put my birthday in Feb. So I would LOVE the most hated month in the callendar.
    He's a smart guy.