Thursday, February 11, 2010


The older I get, the more I realize--there are just some things that I will never understand.
Some of them are obvious: nuclear fission (or fusion), chemical "moles", how to build a computer, calculus, and the theory of relativity. I have happily left them on the shelf of knowledge and gone, instead, for the books on apiary (bees) and Motherhood for the Homemaking Impaired.
But there are other, less obvious things that continue to confound me.
To begin with. Skinny jeans. On teenage guys. What the??? Who decided this was a good idea? And how are you supposed to tell emo girls and guys apart?

Next up? Haute Couture. It's French for "You MUST be joking."

Does that lady know that doesn't have any pants on? I mean really--does she?

But I know we all look at this and think "But no one really expects me to wear that stuff. I mean, that jacket alone probably costs more than my mortgage." Which is a good point. Until you walk into Target and see how they actually are expecting you to dress. Then "Dior" doesn't look so bad.

Far right conservatives. Far left liberals.
Can't we all just get along??
I'm telling you, what the world needs now is love. Sweet love.

And finally...



  1. 1) Guys have to wear skinny jeans because otherwise those boots and that awesome leather man-bracelet would just look silly.

    2) I really thought those were mannequins, not actual women. I still have my doubts.

    3) I think being an extremist in anything is a personality trait more than a political opinion.

    4) Have you ever even watched LOST?

  2. How did you get Raul to pose for you like that?