Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Smother's Day

A rundown of my week:

Exhibit A: Thing 2 is potty-training.

Exhibit B: Thing 3 is teething.

Thus necessitating:
1. Copious amounts of chocolate chips, ice cream, and even a forbidden grilled cheese toastwich.
2. A re-read of Twilight.

Which has led to:
1. The Biggest Loser workout DVDs glaring up at me accusingly from my desk.
2. A house that would be condemned by the health inspector.

Which means:
1. I'm taking off for the weekend and letting my husband deal with the potty, the teeth, and the mess.
2. Happy Mother's Day to Me.


PS: Just so we're clear about this, THIS is Edward Cullen:

NOT this:

That is Cedric Digory with a bad makeup job, bless him.

Don't mess with the pictures in my head, people. ;)


  1. ROFLMBO!! I completely agree with your Edward comment, although I don't know that your Edward would be MY Edward, he's a lot closer then the one who plays him. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day .. regardless of the naked potty training and teething :(

  2. I can't watch Harry Potter without thinking Twilight, and I can't watch Twilight without laughing at the bad acting and worse makeup :) Your Edward is much better. Thanks for the new image!

  3. :) I should note that the picture of Edward (Henry Cavill) is the one that Stephenie Meyer chose as the person *she* would choose to play Edward, long before the movie was cast. I just happen to think she's dead on, but--I guess, as the author--she would be. ;)

  4. Just so! I did not enjoy the movie- so flat! (except when the special affects people were embarrassing themselves), and what in the heck happened to the anticipated Day in the Meadow scene??? The movie was a disappointment- period. By the way, I visited a Doll Show last week-end- there they were,collector editions of Bella and Edward, with price tags attached. They were only slightly more animated than the characters in the movie. >wink< Denise

  5. Ha Ha! I just found your 'other blog' link from your writing website- you make me laugh... I've not read twilight- my sister is so ultra-over-obsessed with it that it has completely turned me off to the idea- and while I'd much rather envision your Edward, I'm not sure I could get past Cedric... funny, 'cause I saw a few minutes of the end of HP & the GOF the other day, and really, I don't think he did any makeup changes from when he was dead as Cedric to when he took on Edward...