Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay, so those of you who know me, know that I love labor and delivery. I think it's one the funnest things I've ever done, and I've done it three times. (The funnest, by far, was the one at home--wanna hear the story?? *grin*)

So, of course, I'm delighted that my friend is giving away a great skirt to give birth in, called a Binsi, on her blog! And even though I'm awhile out from my next labor and delivery, I'm sure hoppin' on this giveaway bandwagon. If you are 8 months pregnant, 8 months from being pregnant, or just LOOK like you're 8 months pregnant 8 months later (that's me), come on over and meet Christina and her giveaway. :)


  1. your description, 8 months pregnant 8 months later, killed me. hilarious!!

    though, i have to be honest... i don't like the idea of "labor clothes". seems pointless to me. nothing can make you comfortable during labor.

  2. Ok, I'm 3 years after a pregnancy and still look like I could use some maternity clothes. Hmm...
    I loved the patriotic entry. I'm glad I've had the honor to meet your Dad. Your family has quite the legacy.

  3. Labor fun? How much would want to be a surrogate for Critter and Nudger's future siblings?!