Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Stranger...

Dear Strangers,

You do not know me. You probably have never even imagined me. But I have something that I want to thank you for, and this is the only way that I know of to do it.

You see, this Sunday is Mother's Day. I think everyone knows that. But what a lot of people maybe don't know is that the day before Mother's Day has it's own significance: it is Birth Mother's Day. Which always makes me think of you.

It has been over 33 and 31 years since each of you placed a baby for adoption. One of you gave birth to a beautiful, dark haired baby girl on the 4th of July in Fort Worth, Texas. The other one of you had a baby boy with big, wide eyes on December 6th in Dallas, Texas. You placed them with a young couple who had hoped and prayed and cried, for years. Until you made a choice.

And I've wondered, over the years, how you had the strength to do it. I've wondered about you, and wished that I could thank you. Because one of you gave me my big sister, and one of you gave me my big brother... and I can't imagine my life without them.

My older sister is the most beautiful, kind person you could ever know. She has beautiful brown hair that she can wear curly or straight, and piercing green eyes. She is graceful, laughs easily, and has so many talents that it makes my head spin. She has three girls now, who are each beautiful in their own way. I thought you would want to know that she has a lovely, lilting singing voice, and that she is the best listener I've ever met.

My older brother is brilliant. He has gone to some of the best colleges in the nation with that mind of his. He ran a marathon two years ago, and rides his bike to work. More than that--I think he is an amazing husband to a fabulous wife, and they are extraordinarily good parents to their two children. He has a clever sense of humor, and a serious competitive streak when you play board games. I am proud of him. You would be, too.

So, to two women that I have never met, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for having the courage, all those years ago, to do what you did. When I asked my parents, recently, what their favorite memories were from their marriage, they both agreed on the days that they found out that they were going to be parents, thanks to you. You gave them, and me, a most remarkable gift: a family. You will never know how many people you blessed.

Thank you.


  1. that is a great post ... REALLY great :)

  2. What a touching post. You really are a gifted writer.

  3. leslismith95@hotmail.comMay 9, 2009 at 12:41 PM

    thanks for the post. I feel the same way. I remember Adam saying once he would like to somehow send a thank you note that wouldn't make her feel bad, just to let her know he was happy and appreciated what she did.

  4. Dear Stranger,
    Thank you for my husband. Without your act, he would not have lived the life he has and therefore be the man he is today.

    Dear Becca,
    Thank you for sharing. Love you!