Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Dreams May Come..

It feels like summer is never going to end. It really does. Day after endless day of more than 90 degree weather, and not even the swimming pool is appealing any more.

School starts next week.
I am going to miss my daughter. Who will draw mermaids with me? Who will give me constant dance recitals? Who will answer when I go looking for her and find her room empty?
I think I hate school.
But she is thrilled.

I am trying to be thrilled for her.
But I have thought of one good thing: if she's going back to school, then surely fall is on it's way. Surely the leaves will change and the humidity will confine itself to Florida, like it's supposed to. And I'm watching for those subtle signs--the trees that I consider canaries in the mine. Their leaves are the first to change.

I thought I saw some tinged with red this week.
Someday, fall will come.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, fall will come, then winter followed by spring- and all too quickly. Aren't seasons nice, though? Wonderful change we need only experience- no arranging for things or getting volunteers. Seasons are nice, every one. Excellent post- I love you!