Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midsummer's Eve...

The days are hot now.
In a lot of ways, it feels like August, but it's only June.

It's the kind of heat that makes you lay on the living room floor with the fan on, eating a popsicle, and listening to Christmas carols on i-tunes.

Not that I do that.

But sometimes, instead of fighting the heat, all the time, I remind myself to just be embraced by it. To turn my face to the sun, let the waves rise off the pavement and curve around my legs and shoulders and face, and enjoy it. And while I can't do it for very long, it's pretty amazing for a few moments to be on the receiving end of so much light and warmth. Magic.
Magic how, in the summer, even when the sun goes down--other lights just come out to play.

Happy Midsummer, to you and yours.


  1. perfect - and beautiful - thank you!

  2. Oh, how I love summer. I'm already dreading the fact that winter must return.

  3. oh, happy post! People who live where fireflies live are lucky indeed- I love sunshine too- keep enjoying these summer days and your cute family-