Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love at 7 Years...

Yesterday was our anniversary. I handed my Beloved his card and gift as I poured cereal with the other hand and tried to convince Thing 2 that a popsicle wasn't the best breakfast choice. He remains unconvinced.
For our anniversary date, we hired our favorite sitter so we could ride our bikes to the pool and go swimming. All by ourselves. Fabulous.
We went to dinner afterwards and sat behind a couple who were celebrating their 57th anniversary. They were beautiful.
It made me think of how much I have to look forward to.
Love at 7 years is different than love on day 1.
It might not be as pretty.
But it's better in every other way.
Thank you, Beloved. I was starstruck.


  1. Yea for the awesome couple!! I remember the day.:} Love you both...

  2. Happy Anniversary! Lookin' just as happy as day 1.

  3. Aaaaaw. Sweet day, sweet post- happy anniversary to you both!

  4. Delightful- I love you both, congratulations!