Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Things

1. I got a new candle yesterday at Marshalls. It is called "White Rose Truffle." Doesn't that sound disgusting? But it isn't. It actually smells really, really good. Kind of like white chocolate and unicorns and daisies. I'm loving how my house smells.

2. Yesterday I got into a fender-bender with a guy at the BP. It was my fault. But I really think it was his. The reason that I think it was his is because I didn't have to put on the brake to stop, and it took him several feet and a sharp brake. Furthermore, while my *vintage* 1996 Honda Odyssey now has a dent on the front, right hand corner--his *vintage* Buick LeSabre had only a crooked metal strip, which he kicked right back into place before telling me "It's needs ta be FIXED." (By the way, if ever there was a car that screamed "Go ahead and hit me!" it's mine.) I'm pretty sure when he says that it needs to be fixed, he's referring to the transmission that's rotting out, the tires that were obviously bald, and maybe that rear window that was covered in plastic and duct tape. I tried to emphasize to the insurance that I in NO WAY came near the engine, the roof, or his poor precious neck. (This is just a law suit waiting to happen.)

3. Anyone seen the movie "New Moon"?? You know when they go see a movie, and the title is "Punch Face"?? I can not think about that title without laughing. They couldn't come up with anything better than THAT???? Hilarious make believe hollywoodland.

4. SOMEONE ate the last of my gluten free Chex. I want to cry.

5. How much crying in one day is normal for a three year old? I'm just wondering. Because yesterday, I swear, it.did.not.stop. And I know I'm not the WORLD'S GREATEST PARENT by any means, but I'm doing my best here. I'm not denying the child life or air, which is how he behaves. Goodness. Can't wait until HE wakes up every morning. Sometimes, motherhood just bites. I'm sorry. But it needs to be said.

And on that cheery note!! *wave*


  1. oh no! i am so sorry to hear about the accident. i am glad you and the kids are okay!

  2. What do it say to make it better? On the other hand, can anything make it better for the mom of an unhappy little boy who whines when he's not crying... I could give the default "This too shall pass?" all the while knowing that right now it feels like it won't pass fast enough. I guess I can reassure that it really will pass. and now I love hugs from my grown-up sons. I love you, hang in there.

  3. On any given day I feel like my daughter is the ONLY one who cries out of all the other children in the world...I am not alone and you are not alone! I can not wait until my daughter wakes up and then usually five or ten minutes after she is awake i am thinking of bedtime on any given day! It is not easy!!!