Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help for Haiti...

There are so many people reaching out to help the people in Haiti. I think all of us are yearning to do something--anything--but giving money just feels so... not enough. I think we all wish we could actually send bottles of water or open our home for awhile. For most of us, giving financially is one of the only things we can do. I spent some time investigating which charities were the best to contribute through, right now, to help in Haiti. Keep in mind that most of these charities have their own focus and mission in Haiti, and you may want to choose the charity that applies to the area where you would serve directly, if you could.

All of the following charities all have a Four Star Charity Rating.

Action Against Hunger USA --Already on the ground when the earthquake hit, this is a great organization if you'd like to contribute to the urgent need for food and water in Haiti. They are working to provide water to 35,000 residents and refugees from the quake, as well as basic sanitation supplies.

Unicef -- If you are drawn to the plight of the children in Haiti, then there is no better organization in the world than Unicef. 100% of your donation will go directly to caring for children. Since almost 50% of Haiti's population are children under the age of 18, who are particularly susceptible to disease and malnutrition, it is essential to get these children food, water, shelter, and reconnect them with their families.

Doctors Without Borders -- I have really come to admire Doctors Without Borders for the work that I've watched them do in the Darfur region of Sudan. They are truly courageous, amazing people who do amazing work. I've been really, really touched by their desperate need in Haiti. They are still working to save the critically injured in the most awful circumstances. Performing surgeries out in the open. Trying to save lives without equipment. If you want to help the people that were injured in the quake, then please--give here.
There are so many more amazing, worthwhile charities that you can give to, or rather--give through. For more information, please visit
Of course, I find myself closing my eyes and just praying a lot. Praying for the people on the ground, who are able to do and be what I am not. For the people still worrying and wondering about family members. For children who have lost their parents, and parents who have lost their children.
It's the most I can do.

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