Friday, January 29, 2010


There are some things in life that you can just count on. They just go together.

Like how huge sweatshirts are as comforting as a hug.
Like how every time I bathe, lotion, and clothe Thing 3, she poops two minutes later.
Like how cheddar cheese just gets yummier and yummier the older I get.
Like how gluten will, of course, be in your formerly favorite foods. Except cheese.
Like how your heater will break, just before it gets really cold.
Like how when you finally (FINALLY!) make an appointment to get your fe-mullet cut off and hopefully look like a human being, the weather forecast for your appointment time looks like this:

Which would not be a big deal in 90% of the country, but down here? This means almost a sure cancellation of the appointment and the triumph of the femullet.

There are some forces of nature that you just can't fight.


  1. So true...I think I need to get my hair cut now - or maybe I should have done it months ago.
    Love the new business!! You are so creative!

  2. Dear Gold Medalist Mother: You make this old lady giggle every day! I can't wait to hear if you have a new hairdo! Don't stop being "real" -- it's your best quality! I think you are just perfect! Keep those posts coming! You are "delightsome" as you profess! xoxo Stephanie

  3. I thought you are supposed to like cheddar cheese less and less as you grow older. Didn't Switzerland teach you anything?