Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unedited Life: Thursday

Sometimes I just wish, so much, that all ya'll could take a peek into my house when you read this. I know, when I read other people's blogs, I would expect to see a lovely, clutter-free home. There would be cookies cooling on the table, and children playing quietly and independently with very fine educational toys. The blog writer would be typing with one hand, working out on the elipse trainer, and painting a masterpiece with the other hand.

Somehow, I don't think you guys would expect that from me. But maybe I'm wrong.

If you could peek into my house now, you would see a kitchen floor absolutely plastered with googly eyes. I told my kids that they had the clean up their latest art project extravaganza, so now we're in a standoff. I know--they're going to win. Because they absolutely don't care if our kitchen floor is a mosaic of googly eyes, and I do. But my pride is holding out, for the time being.

Wee One is in her crib, wearing a boy outfit. It is green, with beavers. She looks really cute in it. I took her out, months ago, in a sleeper that was blue and green. It was sweet and cuddly looking, and warmer than any of the pink things we had on hand from her sister, who was a summer baby. A woman I hardly know peeked at her and started coo-ing, "Ah, tell my mama to put me in pink! Dress me in pink, mama!" I just shrugged. It probably wouldn't do any good to mention that my big, burly two year old boy wears pink footed pajamas to bed and that we call him Pinky when he does. I don't think that would've made her feel better. (Point: we put our kids in whatever happens to be convenient and doesn't cost us more money. So, yes, I let my son wear a pink raincoat sometimes, and my baby girl wears green beaver outfits.)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are watching Curious George. They are in love with Curious George. They would marry him, if they could. I'm pretty sure. I love Curious George, too. It brings utter peace into my home. I know--I wrote about how we got rid of PBS. We did. Did you know that they have Curious George episodes on DVD??? And did I mention that ALL of my children are dressed? No one is in their pajamas. Everyone is wearing underpants. Mission accomplished.

And me? My hair most closely resembles a fragglerock character. I have my boot on my foot, which is throbbing. I am not taking more Lortab because then I would pass out and my kids would decide, at that exact moment, to go feed the ducks. This would have unpleasant consequences, and lots of guilt, I'm pretty sure, so no Lortab for me.

And I really need a shower.

See? Don't you feel better about your life, oh ellipse training, clutter-free house keeping, perfect children raising you????


  1. Sounds totally normal to me. And I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. Trust me.

  2. I do feel better about my life...

  3. how did you know i blog while working out and creating art....
    haha. i wish!

    when liam was little his great grandmother bought him lavender jammies. and we dressed him in them. they were so soft and comfy!

  4. Um, yeah, clutter and half-clad kids are the norm around here. I'm definitely not an immaculate house, blog while exercising and creating art kind of girl. I'm really happy when I get a shower, get the dishes done, and have my kids dressed in clean clothes all in the same day.

    Nice fantasy though!

  5. When Ally was a baby someone gave me a hand-me-down light blue fleece sweatsuit. It might have even had a train on the front. It was so cute and so cuddly and she was darling in it. Fetching even. Sometimes I felt obligated to put a hair-thing on her baldish head...but it never stayed put. She wasn't used a hair-accesory because I never put them on her head when she was wearing pink...or any other color. I'm all for your approach on clothing babies...go with what you have. Cuddly is good.

  6. Hi Becca -- I found your writing blog through the MBC under 100 group and then linked to this one, which I really like too! You have a talent for writing!


  7. Love your real life writing Bec- it entertains and delights.