Sunday, November 15, 2009


I want a lot of stuff.

The Spouse doesn't have the "want" gene. Or, if
he does, it's rather recessive. He wants things like a single ice cream sandwich.
This is the only reason our household is solvent.

But back to my wants.

Sometimes, since I can't get the stuff I want, it just helps to write it down. Get it out there. Say "Yes, I want this, but I can't have it."

Currently on my list:

Yeah, yeah, I know. What IS that thing? It's a heat embossing tool from Paper-Source. I crave most of the things in that store. But I've wanted this embossing tool (with some stamps and sparkly embossing powder) for well over a year now. And I've bought all kinds of junk that would've cost the same, but it was the principle of not getting something that was purely a want. But every time I allow myself to go Paper Source (which is rarely, because they close at 6:00 pm...) I put this embossing tool in my basket and walk around with it, like I'm going to buy it. Every time. *sigh*

This? This is the "Laurie" set from Crate and Barrel. I wish I'd never set eyes on the thing. It's so girly and whimsical. It also happens to perfectly fit Louisa May Alcott's description of dishes from the children's book "An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving." I've been daydreaming about serving pumpkin pie and hot spiced cider with these things. I think they're so beautiful. I know that I would be a better person if I owned them. At least for a day.
Okay, last one. I saw this frame at The Met Museum store in New York. And I broke a commandment right there in the store: I was coveting. I was trying to think of a way, any way, to justify the cost. Isn't it beautiful? It also has additional meaning for me because The Spouse's name means "Beloved." Alas, this picture frame costs $125 dollars. And nobody is e-baying theirs.

It would be so much easier to just want an ice cream sandwich. But even then, ice cream sandwiches aren't gluten free, so I couldn't have one anyway. Might as well want the good stuff.


  1. Oh my a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!! LOVE the serving set. If you buy it on a B1G1 sale, you can let me know *grin*

  2. Mmmm... ice cream sandwiches....

    Although much of this was funny, there is one funny thing you may not have intended. In the margin of this post there is a nice little quote that says "Lay Aside the Things of this world, and seek for the things of a better." :)

    And I definitely approve of writing about things and not buying them.

  3. i used to have all the embossing tools. i sold them on ebay a couple of years ago. i wish i still had them-- i'd give them to you.

    the cake plate and dishes are so CUTE.