Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A'right. Here's what I really need to know. It's an important and pressing question:

Do homeschoolers watch television?

If so, how much? And when?

If I do put my kids in front of the Free Babysitter, does the programming need to be educational in nature, or can I just plunk them in front of Bugs Bunny? Because, you see, as I've been desperately pouring over homeschool curriculums, I have yet to find the one that adequately incorporates "TV TIME."

Is this more of the "Classical" approach??? Hm. Maybe "Unschooling"? No?

Years ago I took a class on the Humanities of Islam. On the first day, our professor asked us to say what are prejudices were about people from the Middle East. We were hesitant. We made sideways glances at each other. Could we really say these things, out loud? Slowly, we raised our hands, and he jotted our answers down on the board. They came more and more rapidly. After several cathartic minutes, he pointed to the stereotypes on the board and he said "Here's the thing--stop feeling guilty for thinking these things. You believe them to be true, because they were true at least once. There are some people who fit these stereotypes. My hope for you, however, is that you'll come to realize that they aren't true of most Muslims." It was a revelation, and a good learning experience.

But I feel like I need another chalkboard and I need someone to stand up and say "What prejudices and stereotypes do you have about homeschoolers?" because MAN, I could write you a list. As I try to figure out what in the world I'm supposed to be doing to educate my children and which route I should take, I find myself thinking "But homeschoolers are...." I need someone to tell me that it's okay to think those things, and that it doesn't mean my own kids will end up that way.

"But maybe they will" I think to myself today, catching a glimpse in the window of a homeschooling store, of my makeup-less self dragging three raggedy kids with me. Maybe they will. Because I LOOK like a homeschooler.

Again I ask--can homeschool kids watch TV????

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