Monday, July 13, 2009

The hips don't lie.

I'm guessing the scale at my doctor's office doesn't either.

In the very vague recesses of my memory, I remember stepping on to a scale at my doctor's office when I was 20. I remember the number flashed: 138. I remember the nurse looking at my chart, nodding, and saying "Good job, honey."

See, I'd been over 200 in high school. But I worked hard. I ate high carbs and no fat and walked. I got down to a size 6. The .perfect. size 6. And I maintained it. But then pregnancy came.

And it ate me.
I swear, that's the only explanation.

So I'm on South Beach. Starting today. And, by golly, I'm going to hear a nurse say "Good job, honey", again. If it's the last thing I do.

Starting weight (the day I came home from the hospital with my baby girl last fall: 207
Weight today: 205 (Sob.)

Bring it on.


  1. good luck becca! 9 know you can do it!

  2. I'm not going to disclose my weight... Well, because I don't even tell my husband the EXACT number. Let me just tell you... at least you have children to show for it. I've battled my weight my entire life. 138? Never seen it. 158? Never remember seeing it. 258? I'm hoping to God I never DO see it.
    I'm settled with the conclusion that I will forever battle weight. In the past few years I've realized I can hate myself... or learn to love what I have. I figure if I love what I have it'll be that much easier to get healthier. I'm surrounded by skinny women. My entire IL family is skinny. MIL, SILs... My mom is even way skinnier than me. Yep, the woman that told me in 6th grade if I didn't slow my eating she'd have to roll me to school. She has that inner drive to drop 30 lbs on demand in six months. Not I.
    Not to mention my friends, they're all hot. I am always comparing myself to others, as all women do... to some extent. I'm tired of it, already. I'm only 23. Sometimes I want to cry... sometimes I don't care and want to eat another helping of PW's Garlic Cheese Bread (Ah.Maze.Ing.)

    Thanks for your honest post, I appreciate it being El Chubbo over here. My favorite body part? My third toe. HA. No, really. :0) Good luck on your journey! I need all the help I can get on mine.