Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Give-a-Care is Busted

Does that ever happen to you? Does your Give-a-care just... break? About halfway through a morning and a pile of dishes? Cuz it just happened to me.

So I scooped the Wee One out of her crib (hey--she wasn't napping anyway) and plopped flat on my back on the couch and let her play with my face.

That's about all I'm capable of today.

Cuz my Give-a-Care is busted.


  1. I LOVE it!! I'm totally stealing your phrase--and you won't mind, 'cuz your give-a-care is busted! Yes, I've felt that way all too often lately. Hope it doesn't last long!

  2. sorry to hear that becca! i hope it gets better soon! and yes, that happens to me too. i am willing to bet that it happens to everyone at some point!

  3. When my house is at its worst, I just take the kids and leave for the day. I'll deal with it when they're in bed, or when I have the energy to make them help.

  4. Just wanted to say... Good Job? I noticed your today's weight is 14 lbs less than what you first posted? Amazing! I love the new layout too...